How many times have you bought something because it turned up on your feed a gazillion times no matter which site you were on?

How many times have you stopped to wonder whether your idea, your products, your business can do the same?

Well, it’s time you did.

With the pandemic taking over the world, social media is all the rage. We’re creating mini societies within our walls and sharing ideas, encouraging others, and building on more. But how do we sell these ideas when we can’t step out of our own homes? That’s when you put your creative juices to work by reinventing yourself with digital brand management.

Why should I engage on social media?

People are reading about new recipes while simultaneously shopping for those ingredients. They are watching a video on video editing just after a beard trimming tutorial. Engagement on social media platforms can give your product just this sort of seamless integration of experiences. It can be likened to the breath mints in the checkout aisle- the ones you don’t need but still grab a couple of.

Trade analysts call it “digital brand marketing.” We call it visibility. Being visible is one of the essential tenets while we engage on social media. Your business is a product of your efforts. You can pump more money into merchandising and labor. But what good is it when your products are sitting waiting to be seen. Invest in your business by showing it to the world.  Your social media presence is the boost your business needs, to make it more relevant and prevalent. When the world is looking at Facebook and Instagram almost all the time, your business too needs to be on it.

Building a loyal customer base and increasing revenue are the cornerstones of a successful venture. How do you do that without constant innovation and customer footfall? How do we expand our reach without incurring overhead costs? The medium in your hand can do all of this and infinitely more. The digital branding of your business shifts the tone by attracting unknown segments of customers. Digital marketing of your company lets you cater to the psychology of your customer and gives you the space to reinvent yourself constantly. This social media presence can have far-reaching merits. Literally.

Shakespeare said, “The world is your oyster.”

With a robust social media platform for business, you are taking your brand beyond your neighborhood, your city, and even your country. With digital brand marketing and management, you can influence choices, opinions, and mindsets of people that didn’t know they had an opportunity, to begin with. Rebranding your business digitally can keep you on your toes. Just put yourself in the shoes of a customer. Why would you buy the service/product that you’re selling?

Answers to these questions will form the crux upon which your digital brand management rests.

Convinced? Ready to let your social media wings fly? Where do you start?

Where can I engage on social media?

“I already have a Facebook page for my startup. I am engaging with my customers on social media. What more do I need ?”. How about all those customers from a different generation who are wholly focused on Instagram? What about the customers who are constant on their toes through Twitter? How about the ones who are leisurely nitpicking their way through Pinterest? These potential customers are the ones that you need to market your brand to digitally. And maybe even find some potential investors through LinkedIn. You need to be visible EVERYWHERE.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest have taken up our lives. We see, hear, and decide with these enablers. From being tools of social discussion, we have transitioned into using these as tools of economic growth. Marketing is no longer contingent on pamphlets, newspaper ads, and telecalling. Social media brings out the passion behind your work, questions it, and makes you put it on display for the entire world to see, approve, and pass judgments on. The digital branding of your product helps Quality Assessment like no other. Reputation management on social media is a testament to your digital brand marketing team.

For the need of further convincing, let me take an excellent example of digital brand management.

I sell sewing materials on a page on Facebook – “Thread for Cred”- My brand is born of my passion for organic weaves, articles, and cruelty-free products. I sell on Instagram as well, occasionally displaying posts and stories of satisfied customers and finished products. I tag my products on Pinterest as well for roving eyes to see. A customer is unhappy with my delivery time and tags me on Twitter for unprofessional behavior.

I am alarmed, but aware of my inability to control the situation. I calmly reply to her complaint and ask her for more details via DM. I can assuage her and help find a solution. Another user on Twitter is impressed by my handling of the situation. He sees me on LinkedIn and shares with me an idea for expanding into places and niches I had not thought of. This example of digital brand marketing is a scenario familiar to almost every entrepreneur out there. Thus, a social media platform for business has become indispensable all over the world.

Don’t mix business and pleasure.

Your profile and your business profile should never be the same. So here is a step by step guide on how to create a business profile for your brand.

How do I engage on social media?

Lead generation is “the action or process of identifying and cultivating potential customers for a business’s products or services.” In other words, Lead generation through social media is the fine art of generating ways to hook and reel customers by observing their social media behavior.

Use # hashtags: A hashtag is a marker that tags tweets/keywords by categories.


It is a social networking platform that enables users to interact with each other through photos, videos, and posts. The content can range from all your interests to all the products you hate. FB has Pages – connected to your account – to promote brands, businesses, causes, and events.

Steps :

  • Log onto or Facebook App. Sign in/Sign up.
  • Create a new Page. Type in your brand’s name, category to which it belongs, and passionate description of what you do.
  • Create!
  • You can add photos, videos, links, and posts after your page has been created.


Tips for engagement :

  • Be as detailed as you expect a business to be by adding a website and other platform links, hours of work, and location.
  • Your Page profile picture, cover picture, and posts should depict your brand as vividly as possible
  • Invite your friends and family to like your Page.
  • If you have some pocket change, you can promote your Page and generate leads using Facebook Ads.
  • Take advantage of Facebook’s brilliant reporting capabilities with Facebook Analytica and Facebook Insights. You can tweak and target accordingly.
  • Make use of hashtags and other fun games to get your customers involved.



Instagram is primarily an image and video sharing platform. You can engage on social media with friends, families, and a lot of other public content.

Steps :

  • Log onto or the Instagram app. Sign in/Sign up.
  • From Settings: Switch to professional account and select business.
  • You can connect to Facebook to seamlessly import your business’s data and information.
  • Add other relevant details, including a passionate description of what you do in your bio.
  • Create!
  • You can add photos, videos, links, and posts after your business account has been created.

Tips for engagement :

  • Since Instagram belongs to the Facebook family of apps, a lot of its capabilities and features are similar.
  • Your business profile picture and posts should depict your brand as vividly as possible
  • Invite your friends and family to follow your business account.
  • Take advantage of the 24hr Stories feature to post polls, reactions, filters, and use the hashtags to create easily traceable categories.
  • Instagram analytics helps build engagement with customers, provides data insights, and enables lead generation through social media.



Twitter is a micro-blogging social media platform where users interact with each other through “tweets.” With limited characters, the platform is a haven for precise and laudatory reactions.

Steps :

  • You will need a separate email to create a business handle. Sign up.
  • Upload visually capturing profile and header photos.
  • As you create your handle, also make sure the 160 character bio captures the essence of your brand.
  • Tweet away with relevance and remarkable sense.


Tips for engagement :

  • Add links to other social media platforms and your website along with the location.
  • Pin a tweet. This will be the featured tweet when a user opens your profile. Handle with care.
  • Create traffic and increase visibility through paid Twitter ads.
  • You can like, comment, or retweet all that can showcase your business and its purpose.
  • Twitter analytics can give you clarity on leads generated through the platform.



LinkedIn is a social media platform for business contacts and professional networking. Users can connect with professionals across industries, publish professional accomplishments of both individuals and companies, and publish resources in collaboration with fellow users.

Steps :

  • Log onto or the LinkedIn App. Sign up/Sign in.
  • Create a Company Page. Choose the scale of business.
  • Fill in the relevant details accurately with a link to the company website.
  • Add pictures and professionally acceptable content.

Tips for engagement :

  • With the LinkedIn business, you can review, recruit applicants, post-marketing, and learning solutions.
  • Trace the growth of the company and individuals
  • Share the latest market trends while achieving the digital branding of your business.
  • With LinkedIn elevate and sales navigator we can measure employee advocacy campaigns and enable lead generation through social media respectively


Pinterest is a social network that works through the discovery of photos, video, ideas that can be “pinned” to the user’s board for later perusal. A user can also repin others’ findings.

Steps :

  • Log onto or the Pinterest App. Sign up/Sign in.
  • Create a business page or convert your existing personal page.
  • Fill in the bio concisely with a link to the company website.
  • Add a profile picture and create pins from sources relevant to your digital brand marketing.


Tips for engagement :

  • With the Pinterest business, you can view analytics regarding your Pins.
  • Use Promoted Pins to land on keywords.
  • Use Buy-able Pins to enable customers to purchase from you.
  • Add a Pinterest widget to your website for visitors to pin images from it.

Having a social media platform for business doesn’t mean that you create the pages and let it be. Constant engagement with customers, studying the analytics numbers, and subsequently tweaking digital branding strategies is core to the success of this investment.

I can’t do this alone.

A talented digital marketing team can effectively manage posts on essential and socially relevant days and create your digital presence through website and content creation. Digital brand management is a fierce and continually evolving job. As easy as it is to build up a social media presence, it is also essential to keep an eye on its trajectory.

Managing your reputation on social media is a hands-on task. Troubleshooting, disgruntled customers, and bad reviews are there out for the whole world to see. Reputation management on social media is a consistent practice with far-reaching results. People today look at learning from mistakes as the real sign of growth – be it an individual or a brand new business. As a founding member of your business, micromanagement of every facet of your business is going to take a toll.

We’re here for you.

Loop of Words can keep your brand and you visible and ready to engage on social media. Managing multiple social media platforms for clients with ease comes from their ability to see the passion that drives the business. The team is strongly qualified, immensely talented, and widely recommended. Contact us to give your business the digital branding makeover it deserves.