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Recently, Facebook came up with certain updates to help businesses improve lead generation through social media

Facebook has simplified the search process for the users so that they can easily find the information they are looking for. However, your creative team has to come up with ideas on how Facebook can affect branding your business

In this article, we are going to have a look at the reasons that have made the Facebook marketplace extremely popular amongst businesses, and what digital branding strategies can help in getting the most out of it. 

In addition to that, we will also have a look at the don’ts of Facebook Marketing. So, without any further ado, let’s get into it.


With more than 2.1 billion active users, it is no rocket science to imagine why so many businesses are focusing on reputation management on social media, especially Facebook.

Digital Branding

We have outlined the topmost benefits of using Facebook marketing to create an attractive brand presence online. 

1. Grow brand awareness and traffic

When it comes to reaching your audience, Facebook has so much to offer to businesses. Facebook’s sponsored posts have advanced targeting capabilities to allow businesses to reach new audiences for brand impressions enhancing digital branding. 

Let’s understand this through an example. Lookalike audiences will help you in reaching relevant people using your existing email list or customer base. 

2. Increases revenue, sales, and leads

Facebook advertising actually helps businesses and brands get more revenue, sales, and promotes lead generation through social media. Let’s have a look at the following report:

Digital Branding

On spending $519.87 in Facebook ads, this business generated $1,557.50 in sales. On average, we can conclude that this business had to spend $3.42 to convert a lead into a paying customer. Looks interesting, isn’t it?

However, you won’t see this magic overnight. Eventually, with the passage of time and experience, you will learn the ins and outs of Facebook marketing to generate leads. If you are too confused with the process, you can also take help from digital branding firms to get things done for you.

3. Develop brand loyalty

With Facebook Messenger, you can easily and quickly interact with your audience. This one-on-one interaction will help you in promoting brand loyalty. You will be able to provide effective customer support by answering their queries or solving their issues. 

Digital Branding

The young generation is switching to social media platforms to look up for goods and services. If your customers feel that you are responsive to their queries, you have sown the seeds of loyalty already. 

4. Lower your marketing expenses for digital branding

You can start your Facebook business page for just $0. However, you need to invest in ads to get likes and run sponsored campaigns. This, of course, is much cheaper than the traditional advertising methods – and is 100x more targeted than them.

Digital Branding

In addition to the sponsored ads, you might also need to pay your graphic designer and content creator for managing your Facebook business page.


74% of the Facebook users log in daily to scroll their Facebook feed. And 84% of the users choose to follow on social media over a competitor. Being a marketer, it’s your job to use Facebook tools in the right way to scale your business to new heights.   

Have a quick look at the following tips and tricks to mark a good impression on your customers. 

1. Define yourself properly 

Have you clearly specified your business goal in the ‘About’ section of your Facebook page? 

It is an extremely important section that helps in establishing an immediate bond with your customers improving your digital branding. 

Digital Branding

By defining your mission, you are sharing the information such as what, why, and who to your target audience. 

2. Facebook Ads

As you know Facebook offers Facebook Ads, which are also known as Marketplace Ads. These ads include an image, a headline, and a click-through link to either your page or your business website. 

Here is how a typical Facebook Ad looks like:

Digital Branding

Advertising through Facebook includes demographic targeting based on age, location, and interests. It helps in reaching the correct target audience who would be interested in your products and services. 

3. Be clear with your budget

It is an extremely important step when you are planning your digital brand management strategy. You must have heard the saying: you have to spend money to make money.

Digital Branding

When you are willing to invest some money behind your Facebook campaign, Facebook will readily put your page in front of the audience who are not aware of your business. 

Now you might wonder how much budget would be right for FB Marketing? Well, the best way is to test a budget for a month and analyze the ROI. 

4. Post at best times on Facebook

Undoubtedly, Facebook is still a difficult platform to use for organic content. With the constant change in algorithms, businesses are often confused about the optimal times to post on Facebook. 

Digital Branding

In that case, you have to use your analytics and observation to find out the optimal posting timings. 


Along with knowing what to do, businesses should also be clear about what not to do! Here are some of the fatal mistakes that must be avoided while you engage on social media. 

1. Do not boast about your products and services

Digital Branding

Often businesses talk too much about themselves and their products rather than focusing on building a healthier bond with their audience. The main objective of using Facebook marketing to create brand authenticity. Therefore, try to make your customers feel like they are a part of your community and not just an audience being targeted for promotions. 

2. Not breaking your comfort zone

Digital Branding

90 million small businesses use Facebook’s tools such as Facebook pages, groups, and Messenger to reach out to a wider audience. With such a huge competition, you have to take the risk with your content. 

If one type of digital branding content worked for you once, that does not mean you will serve the same meal again and again. Sticking to just one type of content won’t get you into the Facebook feed of your users. It will, in turn, make your audience lose interest in your brand. 

Rather, a successful content strategy is one that involves a perfect blend of infographics, videos, photos, and other visuals. 

3. Over-posting 

On social media, less is more. Initially, brands can start with one or two posts per week to see what works. Posting more than once a day can do more damage than benefit. 

Facebook says an average user likes around 4-6 new pages in a month, so your content has to be extremely attractive to gain user attention. Therefore, it’s better to post one post a week without compromising on the quality of your content. 

4. Not utilizing external tools 

Digital Branding

Rather than just depending on Facebook tools, you must use external tools to optimize your lead generation through social media. For instance, tools such as AgoraPlus and HootSuite are amazing tools to get effective results from your Facebook campaigns. 

5. Avoiding paid promotions 

Often business owners shy away when it comes to paid promotion. Most of them want to get the benefits without investing any money in campaigning. Free campaigning is also effective but the reach is confined to just a few customers who searched for your business on Facebook. 

If you too are making any of these mistakes, it’s time to rectify them and bring your digital branding Facebook campaign on the right track.

Top 7 Instagram Marketing Tips to Excel at Digital Branding https://loopofwords.com/top-7-instagram-marketing-tips-for-digital-branding/ Wed, 15 Jul 2020 08:14:58 +0000 http://loopofwords.com/?p=1231 This time of modernization has transformed the business’ brick and mortar phase into a virtual one. As billions and trillions of people engage on social media, it is the best time to flourish your business there. It is through digital retailing, which helps to empower a company’s business strategy by making the product all around the beloved brand. 

For more information on -“Social media marketing – Wikipedia“.

Likewise, Instagram marketing has become the number 1 leading social media platform with its advanced features, facilities, and high credence.

Especially, new brand awareness, promoting products, and direct purchases are some of the dominant aspects to be done on Instagram. Generally, regular posting of creative images, videos, and text, which are the mirrors to real material, make it trending. Overall, It is the top choice of successful entrepreneurs for digital branding. Hence, it becomes the need of an hour to be excelled at Instagram marketing to showcase your brand with the credibility of success. 

Here are the top 7 tips for the best optimization of Insta to attract more and more consumers:-

1. Wonderstruck graphic designing

Digital Branding

Images are the first and last source of impression of your material on the prospective customers. So designing in such a way that it bounds a viewer should be the top priority. Besides, formats, animations, and sizes of posts should also be taken into consideration. In addition, keep it simple, relevant, and comprehensible to display its explicit purpose of making clients deeply familiar with the company.

The appealing embodiments have the persuasion power to enhance sales, unity of employees, and reputation management on social media. Firstly, designs as advertisements or brochures should have the perfect readability according to the targeted audience. Correct usage of graphic elements and tools is an art to accumulate the business virtually.

Hire the best graphic designer from here “Home – Loop of Wordsto prove your visual communication the highly effective one.

Secondly, remember, thinking out of the box is the best way for the engagement of customers. Thirdly, each idea simmering on the page should be well strategic for the ease of the decision-making process. These ideas can make your efforts successful as your one post would allure millions if it is the most creative, interesting, and innovative.

2. Regular interactions with audiences

Digital Branding

Not only -designs but interactions with users also come out as the factor of improving client-server relationships. There should be polite, knowledgeable, and overall effective communication with prospective buyers. Shout outs, online webinars and videos, and replying query messages are some ways to make the users feel free to extend their deals.

Furthermore, try to prepare material in a conversational tone so that the customers do not hesitate to come into your contact. 

Moreover, Indulge in more and more spaces, groups, and brand partnerships to boost social contacts. Daily updating Insta stories is another best way not only to maintain connections but also for the announcements of new offerings.

Additionally, hire at least 3-4 persons (more according to the requirement) on service to be in touch with target audiences. Their service should be according to the target of meeting with around 500 new people and 500 already users per day.

This strategy leaves no misunderstandings behind it. Thereby the number of members in a satisfied social circle would touch the sky; thus, digital brand marketing would result in great success.

3. Strong business profile for digital branding

Digital Branding

A strong profile on social media platforms for business is the foundation of your Instagram marketing. Managing it with deftness includes the comprehensible and relevant material, aims and targets, contact information, credibility of brand, goals, etc.

Add frequently searched keywords in profile name to use it on other posts as well. You can build your brand image with a stunning business profile to hold the audience’s’ trust.

Your reputation management on social media solely depends on your professional Instagram profile. So switch to a business profile for the beginning of a successful entry. You can take a gist of this service page of a website as an example of the best implementation of services – Loop of words.”

Similarly, the service page is also a critical page to showcase your category of products, services, and offerings. Furthermore, take the help of the rating system and your already product users’ experiences to make novels realize that they are not new to take any risk of buying any costly products. The rating system can also be helpful for the customer to do a comparison over others.

4. SEO friendly material

Digital Branding

Instagram, the top social media platform, works according to search engine optimization. This is the right way of advertising in a competent world. If your posts are SEO friendly, it would be on the first rank. Thus you need to devote severe and consistent attention to rules and regulations, tips, and benefits of each step.

Some of them are- use of branded hashtags to increase visibility and royalty-free photos to avoid any illegal work. And decide simple business name, image tags, keywords with proper understanding. Optimize your profile, add primary and secondary keywords, and useful image captions. Besides, there should be the availability of different languages to widen the area of active customers. 

Moreover, keep the profile in public mode. Include appropriate and compelling call-to-action. Share your interests and goals with audiences. Try to keep it niche-specific whatever you are including. Finally, track the performance with analytics tools. You may go on the training of SEO or hire a trained person for your digital brand management. 

Lo! start preparing your SEO friendly material to fulfill all conditions of this social media platform for business.

5. Differentiate your brand from others

Digital Branding

You must need to clear the doubts of a person before imposing your product on someone. The high credibility of the brand ensures the skyrocketing sales. Mention the quality of your brand with proofs and comparison with others to clear the difference between the two. The reason is that how can a person leave their already using brand and adopt yours’? Consequently, they need some benefits either in quality or in cost.

Similarly, mention your aims and targets. Cover all resources in a manageable way with the help of categories. Interlink your Insta account as cross-promotion with another digital brand marketing platform where you have more details to clarify.

Another tip for differentiation is creating its style, as mentioned in the first point of graphic design. Receive more and more original likes, comments, views, and shares, which makes sure the trust of viewers. One more unique idea is to insert a feedback tag and connect it to your customer service for 24/7 serving.

6. Trustworthy accessibility of delivery

Digital Branding

It seems an awkward point while reading about Instagram marketing. But Instagram marketing does not mean only brand awareness; it’s also about the sales of products. For this, you need to manage your service according to customers’ demands. You should have accessibility to any means of transportation to deliver the goods at their doorsteps.

Virtually, you have the best access to your customers through edited photos, style patterns, informative content, and other interesting visuals. Contrarily, what is the benefit if someone is only supporting the likes and comments and not doing any purchase?

The simplest and useful way is to join your account with online product selling websites. Recommend it on the Instagram stories to solve the customers’ problems. The availability of home delivery, stores in different sectors, and other options should be at the disposal. 

Connect with this no.1 organization in for online shopping.

7. Offer Giveaways

Digital Brand Management

As is the tendency of a human being to be attracted to free material, take advantage of this common characteristic. 

Offer something attractively like incentives, gifts, vouchers, rewards, discounts, and sponsorships. But remember to outline the plan logically so that the offers benefit you more than the customers after their connections with you. 

Importantly, always value the consumer. Keep your plans flexible to fulfill the needs of customers to keep them satisfied and happy. For instance, claim to have the sports material lightweight and with cushion for the comfortability of a user. Although it adds to the cost, the more the customers’ rating is, the more the buyers are. As a result, you would be thriving for your digital brand management, having the most significant sales.

This fantastic social media platform for business has been playing an integral role with the name of Instagram marketing. I am sure you would excel in your business after reading and implementing these seven powerful tips for the all-round development of your Instagram marketing.

6 Ways To Build Connections on Twitter for Business https://loopofwords.com/build-connections-on-twitter-for-digital-branding/ Sun, 12 Jul 2020 17:36:43 +0000 http://loopofwords.com/?p=1217 You can meet hundreds of people in 2 minutes. Is it possible? Yes! Technology has given us marvelous platforms where we can start our interactions through messages, images, video clips, and audio/video calls. Twitter is the top social media platform for business among all others. You can send innumerable short messages that are also called tweets on Twitter. Overall, it is the primary source of publicity with its unique features.

It brightens up both personal and professional standing. Billions of people tweet daily to update their personal activities, promotions, business scale, and also do brand awareness. They share links/URLs of their marketing blogs, initiatives, campaigns, and websites with a large number of audiences. Thus, the promotion of research is the main benefit of Twitter, especially when it comes to digital branding.

Moreover, building relationships with influential marketers, keeping up the latest trends, and participating in online events are other specialties available on Twitter. Building connections is an essential part of the overall marketing plan.

So you must apply the following ways that are used by highly successful companies for better digital branding:-

1. Regular tweeting and retweeting others

digital branding

After managing the business account, you need to tweet 20 times as your entry per day. Your daily public updates, such as asking for feedback on your digital brand marketing, will make you familiar with many new people. Also, give feedback on others’ work. Your this type of introduction will allure people to follow you. 

Likewise, you also need to be a follower of some famous personalities like entrepreneurs and trending conversations to further get in touch with their followers. Show your interest in them and start some interesting new product launch sessions. All in all, the more you respond to someone, the more people will notice your profile. Thus, you can widen your social circle. 

2. Generate interesting content and share

digital branding

Engage on social media to manage your professional blog, website, journals, achievement pages, newsletter writings, articles, or any other creative work. Then, share the links on Twitter. When a large number of audiences go through the link, web traffic will increase; hence your connections would also increase. Remember to interlink your profitable site with that piece of writing.

Clearly mention your goals to attract targeted audiences. Keep the content in a conversational tone and short in length. Text overpowers images and images overpower videos, so use everything according to the requirement. Also, try your hand on analytics to monitor your work.

Start advertising your products. Or offer services like graphic designing, content writing, software development, and whatever according to your digital brand management. You can also go through the loop of words to look at the showcase of its services. It provides the original content and topmost offers with full credibility. Do everything in an appealing and creative format with offers and discounts. Thereon, give attention to graphic designing and web designing for impressionable posts.

3. Use hashtags and easy to access keywords

digital brand management

Most of the time, hashtags are used for social media campaigns. Using them is a wonderful technique to highlight your digital branding. Clicking on the message with the hashtag opens up more hashtagged tweets. These are usually for trending items, brand names, and activities. There can be local hashtags, activity hashtags, and some of them are sometimes related to unique keywords.

Keep them unique, creative, short, and memorable. Then, work on promoting by using the same for emails, blogs, and websites. Keep them simple for your audience to find. In other words, keywords must be easy to navigate through. But how to identify the right tags to use? Go through this right tag service for the clarifications. 

Similarly, use keywords related to your industry to target your audience for new connections. Also, you can join parties by using hashtags and meet with millions more. You can also relate your profile to the special and a trending keyword on Twitter. Thus, hashtags and pinned tweets are boon for digital brand marketing.

4. The best customer service

digital brand marketing

The better is your service towards your customers, the more new buyers will come into your contact. But you must have an effective customer service strategy to stop your customers from bouncing on your competitors. After receiving the best consumer service, it would be helpful for your prospective clients to consider your agency as the best one.

Firstly, when you engage on social media, customer service messages should be to the point. This thing gets the conversation reached immediately on the main point without redundancy. Secondly, you need to keep in mind that no use of mincing words should be there. The reason is that everything is open to the world to see. So this front-facing would quench the queries of others as well. It will also help to grow connections and awareness. 

Customers’ compatibility and convenience are necessary to grow sales on this social media platform for business. For this, some ways are-

Using inviting tags for better engagement on social media.

Polite conversation is necessary during digital brand marketing.

It is an informal application. Don’t worry about cracking jokes or sharing non-academic content for better and open relationships with members.

Take the negative comments also into consideration.

Offer some vouchers, gifts, rewards, or discounts to keep customers happy and connected.

Finally, set up a dashboard for customer service.

5. Connect with competitors’ audience and other conversations

digital branding

Another way to prove your digital brand management, the effective one is by connecting with competitors’ audiences. Therefore, you need to identify your competitors in the digital market and then follow their customers or followers. It is to know their demands, mind-sets, and conversations. It will significantly help to make improvements according to the need of the public.

Moreover, you will get to know some reasons for the publicity of your competitors. Then you can prove to the public that your brand’s quality is the best in the market. This opportunity can create your network further.

Generally, conversations of other people on social media websites may usually disturb you with notifications. Contrarily, you can take advantage of that. If there is some public meeting or webinar or shout out, you should definitely engage on social media for your introduction. Wish “good morning” publicly or send birthday wishes if you receive a notification about that of someone. 

It is essential to engage in social media to share some useful information. It will make the receivers feel that you are paying attention to them. Then, automatically they will follow you and may instill sincere interest in your business profile.

6. Reputation management on social media

digital brand management

Just remember, your reputation is more important than anything. So, follow all the rules and regulations and SEO tactics.

Some points to remember

Use the Twitter search in an effective way

Use Twitter lists to manage contacts

Next, your actions put the first and last impression. So be careful about your type of followers, your interests, your messages, your profile, your photo, and your bio.

Keep track of your followers and further their followers. So use twitonomy to get details and check the real profile of any user by just filling his/her username.

Explain your bio efficiently to tell people clearly about what you want and who you are. It is a little difficult to understand initially for everyone due to the diversity in languages and regions. However, you can find many ways to pass your ideas to others for better results of reputation management on social media.

Furthermore, being a sociable person is the first responsibility on Twitter to pay attention to those who are starters. They don’t know what your company is about, what your efforts are, and what your services are. So you need to converse with them, introduce yourself, and retweet their posts to make them feel frank to talk.

Bonus ideas

  • Twitter interview – an interesting way to interact and hire 
  • Show your recognition through shout outs
  • Bring customers through another social media platform for business
  • Engage on social media with influencers
  • Use Twitter cards – many types are available
  • Share the content of already famous parties to be in touch with their followers for your beginning of a network circle.

To exploit this cost-effective platform to engage with millions of people, you need to make different endeavors daily. Apply the above techniques and do according to the decisions of digital brand management. Connect with the leading digital branding agency “ loop of words “ for any services like content writing, graphic designing, website development, and any other social media services.

5 Common FB Marketing Mistakes that Can Ruin Your Digital Branding https://loopofwords.com/fb-marketing-mistakes-ruining-your-digital-branding/ Sat, 11 Jul 2020 10:35:00 +0000 http://loopofwords.com/?p=1203 Facebook is the top social media leader founded by Mark Zuckerberg. The modern generation has just gone mad behind this company. When you open Facebook, you can access the mind-boggling number of people. The root of this jam-packed situation is the gift of staying connected with friends, families, and relatives. Additionally, people share different types of content with a large number of audiences. So a lot of them receive those valuable things for personal and professional uplifting.

Some endless opportunities given by Facebook for business digital branding are:- 

  • Improving SEO
  • Digital brand marketing
  • Increasing web traffic
  • Brand awareness
  • Meeting with billions of people
  • Learning new things
  • Showcasing talent
  • Brand awareness
  • Insight of any customer or friend 
  • Knowing the recognition of a company

Importantly, Facebook marketing is an integral part of digital branding and digital brand management. It has coverage around the globe from one corner to another. Besides, one can combine a channel with other marketing channels to grow audience and sales. Also, Facebook has some useful formats for digital branding to interact with clients.

Formats of Facebook Marketing for Digital Branding

  • Lead generation ads
  • video ads
  • Slideshow ads
  • Collection ads
  • Carousel ads
  • Image ads

Overall, you would definitely have been shocked after going through its highly-advanced features and profitable offers to prove the marketing plan successful. For a complete guide of Facebook for business, refer here

However, don’t ignore the fact that if Facebook can promote your business, it can be the reason for the disaster as well. One thing to remember while using Facebook professionally is you must learn the rules carefully without neglecting any mistake. Only regular posting is not enough for digital branding.  Doing it right is the main aspect of an intelligent online marketing strategy. Let’s peep into the 5 common FB marketing blunders. Improve if you are doing and avoid their use next time unlike those who have ruined their business with these mistakes.

5 common FB marketing mistakes which can affect your digital branding

1. Poor quality content

digital branding

Content is the reflection of a brand. The more appealing and valuable your content is, the more customers show interest in the brand. So be careful when you engage on social media for business purposes.

Therefore, text, images, videos,  designs, advertisements, and everything should be the perfect piece of art leaving no misunderstandings behind. Using poor quality photos and not purchasing advanced services may force people to think about one’s poor financial management. Online marketing is a cost-effective method. But when you are on a social media platform for business, compromises are a must for better results.

Some people update too few words that provide incomplete information while some over-exaggerate the topic. It makes the reader highly-bored and determined to never revert to waste their time again thanks to the irrelevant post. Additionally, that full page of content usually results in bland and banal proved information and language. Especially poor command over grammar puts a bad impression on the informed reader about the company.

Meanwhile, you can contact Loop of Words. It is the company where you can get services like graphic designing, content writing, creative writing, technical writing, software development, and so more.

2. No promising profile

digital brand marketing

You should be adept in all possible ways of the best reputation management on social media. If your profile is not appealing enough, they would only like and share it with your friends and relatives asked by you. For better results,  you need to fill the complete information about you and your brand strategy to make an appealing digital branding. Mention your all aims, targets, scope, value, demands, contact details, address, work hours, and URL.

Secondly, in the last few decades, the people who created their fake accounts for some personal benefits had to undergo great legal difficulties. They also ruined their image on social media and millions of people criticized them. Remember, when you engage on social media and are surrounded by many followers who want your posts, don’t ignore them. Suppose you are not informing your followers about the reason for your online absence. It means they will lose connection with you due to the long delay but also your carelessness.

Furthermore, lack of your brand credibility, breaking up of promises, and low quality of products can also be the reason for the downturn of digital branding. Equally, updating the irrelevant and not trustworthy content also results in a fiasco at the end. These careless points come under an unpromising profile.

Go through the Loop of Words’ Facebook profile to look at the organization of their services, profile, and posts.

3. Practicing old tactics 

digital brand marketing

Facebook has updated a lot of new features and algorithms with which you must need to be familiar. The first example of Facebook’s new algorithms is complying with CCPA(California consumer privacy act). This act ensures the personal information of California’s consumers and they can know about who is using their privacy. And It also can help to protect your business.

An example is that a collection list including links and images is shareable now publicly. This can be helpful for business partnerships and influential entrepreneurs’ collaborations.  Many other features have also been updated to improve the programs, policies, products, and obviously sales and businesses. 

Old tactics consist of just winning likes, shares, and comments. Instead of it, one should focus on the promotion of business, brand advocates, and any improvement or changes required. If you still engage on social media holding an outdated Facebook marketing approach, you can lag behind the modern tech-savvy companies.

4. Poor judgment and research

reputation management on social media

Using the wrong statistics and illegal self-promotional content are examples of the deadliest mistakes in business. Similarly, commenting on a post that is already the target of criticism is harmful to your reputation management on social media.

In any case, if you provide irrelevant data to your customers, it also proves your poor judgemental and research skills. Moreover, a company having no clarity of its audience is also hazardous to digital branding. For example, the posted content does not comply with the targeted audience. Another mistake is posting frequently for brand visibility about some festivals rather than relating it to the companies’ core message.

These points mean that your research skills are not applicable to cope up with international reputed companies. Contrarily, you need quick-witted thinking and wise decision-making skills before sharing anything publicly. These skills would save you from destroying your credibility done by annoying posts.

5. Poor customer service strategy

social media platform for business

Customer service is the bone of the business. Your good customer service strategy can bring the attraction of more customers; to the contrary, poor service can be a marketing disaster. It is usual that some users send negative remarks publicly on Facebook. But it only depends on you how you manage them.

 Before you engage on a social media platform for business, you must know the examples of some successful and unsuccessful organizations’ services. So you can follow the former and stay away from the later. Some common mistakes being done are to delete negative comments. It can be a problem because people would surely vent out their bad experience on some other online platform.

Another option people prefer is to ignore negative feedback. Don’t do this ever. Even negative feedback is a great opportunity for you to improve your digital brand management. It will not only be beneficial for you but also satisfactory for the complainers.

Moreover, answering unprofessionally on Facebook where everything is open for the world to see puts a bad impression. 

On the whole, you should not delay quenching the queries of the customers. Joint training of customer service as per needs.


We are sure you would have understood the role of using Facebook in the right manner to stay far away from destroying digital branding. It is a social media platform for business where increasing eyeballs is easy but only on some conditions.

Decoding the Social Media Platform for Business: The Why, the Where and the How https://loopofwords.com/decoding-the-social-media-platform-for-business/ Sat, 04 Jul 2020 05:23:11 +0000 http://loopofwords.com/?p=377

How many times have you bought something because it turned up on your feed a gazillion times no matter which site you were on?

How many times have you stopped to wonder whether your idea, your products, your business can do the same?

Well, it’s time you did.

With the pandemic taking over the world, social media is all the rage. We’re creating mini societies within our walls and sharing ideas, encouraging others, and building on more. But how do we sell these ideas when we can’t step out of our own homes? That’s when you put your creative juices to work by reinventing yourself with digital brand management.

Why should I engage on social media?

People are reading about new recipes while simultaneously shopping for those ingredients. They are watching a video on video editing just after a beard trimming tutorial. Engagement on social media platforms can give your product just this sort of seamless integration of experiences. It can be likened to the breath mints in the checkout aisle- the ones you don’t need but still grab a couple of.

Trade analysts call it “digital brand marketing.” We call it visibility. Being visible is one of the essential tenets while we engage on social media. Your business is a product of your efforts. You can pump more money into merchandising and labor. But what good is it when your products are sitting waiting to be seen. Invest in your business by showing it to the world.  Your social media presence is the boost your business needs, to make it more relevant and prevalent. When the world is looking at Facebook and Instagram almost all the time, your business too needs to be on it.

Building a loyal customer base and increasing revenue are the cornerstones of a successful venture. How do you do that without constant innovation and customer footfall? How do we expand our reach without incurring overhead costs? The medium in your hand can do all of this and infinitely more. The digital branding of your business shifts the tone by attracting unknown segments of customers. Digital marketing of your company lets you cater to the psychology of your customer and gives you the space to reinvent yourself constantly. This social media presence can have far-reaching merits. Literally.

Shakespeare said, “The world is your oyster.”

With a robust social media platform for business, you are taking your brand beyond your neighborhood, your city, and even your country. With digital brand marketing and management, you can influence choices, opinions, and mindsets of people that didn’t know they had an opportunity, to begin with. Rebranding your business digitally can keep you on your toes. Just put yourself in the shoes of a customer. Why would you buy the service/product that you’re selling?

Answers to these questions will form the crux upon which your digital brand management rests.

Convinced? Ready to let your social media wings fly? Where do you start?

Where can I engage on social media?

“I already have a Facebook page for my startup. I am engaging with my customers on social media. What more do I need ?”. How about all those customers from a different generation who are wholly focused on Instagram? What about the customers who are constant on their toes through Twitter? How about the ones who are leisurely nitpicking their way through Pinterest? These potential customers are the ones that you need to market your brand to digitally. And maybe even find some potential investors through LinkedIn. You need to be visible EVERYWHERE.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest have taken up our lives. We see, hear, and decide with these enablers. From being tools of social discussion, we have transitioned into using these as tools of economic growth. Marketing is no longer contingent on pamphlets, newspaper ads, and telecalling. Social media brings out the passion behind your work, questions it, and makes you put it on display for the entire world to see, approve, and pass judgments on. The digital branding of your product helps Quality Assessment like no other. Reputation management on social media is a testament to your digital brand marketing team.

For the need of further convincing, let me take an excellent example of digital brand management.

I sell sewing materials on a page on Facebook – “Thread for Cred”- My brand is born of my passion for organic weaves, articles, and cruelty-free products. I sell on Instagram as well, occasionally displaying posts and stories of satisfied customers and finished products. I tag my products on Pinterest as well for roving eyes to see. A customer is unhappy with my delivery time and tags me on Twitter for unprofessional behavior.

I am alarmed, but aware of my inability to control the situation. I calmly reply to her complaint and ask her for more details via DM. I can assuage her and help find a solution. Another user on Twitter is impressed by my handling of the situation. He sees me on LinkedIn and shares with me an idea for expanding into places and niches I had not thought of. This example of digital brand marketing is a scenario familiar to almost every entrepreneur out there. Thus, a social media platform for business has become indispensable all over the world.

Don’t mix business and pleasure.

Your profile and your business profile should never be the same. So here is a step by step guide on how to create a business profile for your brand.

How do I engage on social media?

Lead generation is “the action or process of identifying and cultivating potential customers for a business’s products or services.” In other words, Lead generation through social media is the fine art of generating ways to hook and reel customers by observing their social media behavior.

Use # hashtags: A hashtag is a marker that tags tweets/keywords by categories.


It is a social networking platform that enables users to interact with each other through photos, videos, and posts. The content can range from all your interests to all the products you hate. FB has Pages – connected to your account – to promote brands, businesses, causes, and events.

Steps :

  • Log onto facebook.com/pages or Facebook App. Sign in/Sign up.
  • Create a new Page. Type in your brand’s name, category to which it belongs, and passionate description of what you do.
  • Create!
  • You can add photos, videos, links, and posts after your page has been created.


Tips for engagement :

  • Be as detailed as you expect a business to be by adding a website and other platform links, hours of work, and location.
  • Your Page profile picture, cover picture, and posts should depict your brand as vividly as possible
  • Invite your friends and family to like your Page.
  • If you have some pocket change, you can promote your Page and generate leads using Facebook Ads.
  • Take advantage of Facebook’s brilliant reporting capabilities with Facebook Analytica and Facebook Insights. You can tweak and target accordingly.
  • Make use of hashtags and other fun games to get your customers involved.



Instagram is primarily an image and video sharing platform. You can engage on social media with friends, families, and a lot of other public content.

Steps :

  • Log onto instagram.com or the Instagram app. Sign in/Sign up.
  • From Settings: Switch to professional account and select business.
  • You can connect to Facebook to seamlessly import your business’s data and information.
  • Add other relevant details, including a passionate description of what you do in your bio.
  • Create!
  • You can add photos, videos, links, and posts after your business account has been created.

Tips for engagement :

  • Since Instagram belongs to the Facebook family of apps, a lot of its capabilities and features are similar.
  • Your business profile picture and posts should depict your brand as vividly as possible
  • Invite your friends and family to follow your business account.
  • Take advantage of the 24hr Stories feature to post polls, reactions, filters, and use the hashtags to create easily traceable categories.
  • Instagram analytics helps build engagement with customers, provides data insights, and enables lead generation through social media.



Twitter is a micro-blogging social media platform where users interact with each other through “tweets.” With limited characters, the platform is a haven for precise and laudatory reactions.

Steps :

  • You will need a separate email to create a business handle. Sign up.
  • Upload visually capturing profile and header photos.
  • As you create your handle, also make sure the 160 character bio captures the essence of your brand.
  • Tweet away with relevance and remarkable sense.


Tips for engagement :

  • Add links to other social media platforms and your website along with the location.
  • Pin a tweet. This will be the featured tweet when a user opens your profile. Handle with care.
  • Create traffic and increase visibility through paid Twitter ads.
  • You can like, comment, or retweet all that can showcase your business and its purpose.
  • Twitter analytics can give you clarity on leads generated through the platform.



LinkedIn is a social media platform for business contacts and professional networking. Users can connect with professionals across industries, publish professional accomplishments of both individuals and companies, and publish resources in collaboration with fellow users.

Steps :

  • Log onto LinkedIn.com or the LinkedIn App. Sign up/Sign in.
  • Create a Company Page. Choose the scale of business.
  • Fill in the relevant details accurately with a link to the company website.
  • Add pictures and professionally acceptable content.

Tips for engagement :

  • With the LinkedIn business, you can review, recruit applicants, post-marketing, and learning solutions.
  • Trace the growth of the company and individuals
  • Share the latest market trends while achieving the digital branding of your business.
  • With LinkedIn elevate and sales navigator we can measure employee advocacy campaigns and enable lead generation through social media respectively


Pinterest is a social network that works through the discovery of photos, video, ideas that can be “pinned” to the user’s board for later perusal. A user can also repin others’ findings.

Steps :

  • Log onto pinterest.com or the Pinterest App. Sign up/Sign in.
  • Create a business page or convert your existing personal page.
  • Fill in the bio concisely with a link to the company website.
  • Add a profile picture and create pins from sources relevant to your digital brand marketing.


Tips for engagement :

  • With the Pinterest business, you can view analytics regarding your Pins.
  • Use Promoted Pins to land on keywords.
  • Use Buy-able Pins to enable customers to purchase from you.
  • Add a Pinterest widget to your website for visitors to pin images from it.

Having a social media platform for business doesn’t mean that you create the pages and let it be. Constant engagement with customers, studying the analytics numbers, and subsequently tweaking digital branding strategies is core to the success of this investment.

I can’t do this alone.

A talented digital marketing team can effectively manage posts on essential and socially relevant days and create your digital presence through website and content creation. Digital brand management is a fierce and continually evolving job. As easy as it is to build up a social media presence, it is also essential to keep an eye on its trajectory.

Managing your reputation on social media is a hands-on task. Troubleshooting, disgruntled customers, and bad reviews are there out for the whole world to see. Reputation management on social media is a consistent practice with far-reaching results. People today look at learning from mistakes as the real sign of growth – be it an individual or a brand new business. As a founding member of your business, micromanagement of every facet of your business is going to take a toll.

We’re here for you.

Loop of Words can keep your brand and you visible and ready to engage on social media. Managing multiple social media platforms for clients with ease comes from their ability to see the passion that drives the business. The team is strongly qualified, immensely talented, and widely recommended. Contact us to give your business the digital branding makeover it deserves.

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According to the World Trade Organization, e-commerce is one of the ways to enhance secure cross border movement of services and goods to recover the economy and creation of jobs after the pandemic crisis.

COVID 19 crisis has highlighted the need to bridge the digital divide within and across the countries. The digital businesses have played a vital role during the pandemic as a tool or solution for the retailers and consumers both. The global impact of COVID 19 has pushed governments to develop policies for online supplies and purchases. This is the only way one could strengthen the operation internationally and recover the economic loss all round the world.

Online businesses are significant in the current circumstances, which is why we are here to guide you through the whats, hows, and whys of digital branding.

What is Digital Branding?

Let’s get started with the term Digital Branding first!

Digital branding is one of the techniques of brand management that uses a duo of internet branding and digital marketing, hence the name, digital branding. The aim here is to promote a brand over hundreds and thousands of digital venues, which includes device based applications, media content, or internet-based relationships.

Here is a definition by the Digital Branding Institute that explains the term in a much easier way!

“Digital branding is about establishing your brand’s story and presence in the digital space. Digital branding is the key to establishing a meaningful connection with your target audience. It’s about using your unique proposition to differentiate yourself and your offerings from the competition.”

Digital brand management is everything about the techniques and principles of conventional brand management and applying them to customer experiences via various digital mediums. Over the last decade, branding has become a specialist with its origin lying in direct marketing and digital marketing. The use of smartphones and such devices has allowed the brand managers to interact and engage with their target customers.

How do you perform digital brand marketing?

Your brand’s reputation matters a lot here. To develop a significant amount of weight in buyers’ decisions, you need to show the digital brand management efforts. Your brand says a lot about you and the people who work for your brand. Your level of commitment is all that the customers need to put their trust in you and your brand ultimately. If you have all of these, you can easily promote longevity and high quality around all the mediums.

To bring trust, the next thing you need is digital content strategies in the digital marketing which is the process of aligning the consumer’s beliefs with your brand.

Digital brand marketing is an excellent way to engage with your customers creatively by applying digital content strategies. You teach your clients who you are and what your products give them. You need to take control of the conversation with your customers by creating your brand story, which will resonate with your target audience.

How is digital branding and marketing important?

Digital branding is a technique that brand managers use to stand out in the intense competition. You create a unique identity that elicits a positive response from the potential and existing customers. However, you use the digital brand marketing strategies to craft your image, which includes your brand colors, tagline, logo, customer service, and product offerings.

If you have effective strategies, it brings a lot of benefits for you. The following is the importance of digital branding.
It increases your recognition

A consistent and recognizable brand is something everyone looks for. Your brand gets recognized with the services you provide to your customers, and the quality of your products bring trust. With proper strategies followed, your brand will start to be familiar with your customers, and soon your brand will be known as a reliable and quality provider brand.
You will stand out from the competition

Digital brand marketing will allow you to stand out in the intense competition. Branding is one of the most significant ways to set yourself apart from all the other brands in the digital market. You can use your digital branding to pinpoint the key factors that highlight your brand to be better than the other competitors.

All you have to do is now sure shine the light on the unique selling points to add value in the minds of the customers. The digital content strategies you use will put your brand’s name at the forefront of your customers’ minds and eyes both. You will win all the phases of the decision making stage of the customers if your digital branding is done with the appropriate techniques.
It builds trust and art expectations

The digital branding will allow you to be a big name that has the power to build trust along with the potential and existing customers. With digital content strategies, you can quickly draw customers towards your brand as they will be familiar with you, your products, and their quality and your services. The customers will start to feel at ease while choosing you over the other brands and most probably recommend your brand to their family and friends.

What are the different aspects of digital brand management and marketing?

Digital marketing is the art of selling your product and services online. The mantra to success in digital marketing is how persistently creative you are. The following are the few techniques or aspects of digital marketing that can bring you out in the digital market.

1. SEO

It includes on-page SEO and off-page SEO. It is a process of optimizing the content so that they show up in the search engines like Google. With the right keywords used, your online brand can be seen in the search results by your potential customers.

2. SMM

Having an interactive brand presence over social media platforms is social media marketing. It allows your brand to be known by posting content related to your services or products

3. Pay-per-click Advertising

It is a marketing method in which the marketer pays for each click on a link to a website. Social networks offer this opportunity, after which the ads appear in the feed of the targeted audience.

4. Affiliate Marketing

It is a performance-based marketing technique. The advertiser pays for the conversions, unlike PPC, where the payment is made for clicks. It is popular with bloggers who make money by selling other peoples’ products to their audience.

5. Content Marketing

To increase brand awareness, you can use content marketing. Using digital content strategies is an art of throwing valuable information and storytelling techniques to your customers to target your audience to take profitable actions.

6. Influencer Marketing

You can start parenting with an influencer and get your brand to their audiences easily. It increases brand awareness and ultimately results in conversions.

7. Video Marketing

It is one of the most powerful marketing tools. If you do it correctly, many customers love to watch videos of the brands they use, or they are about to use. You can integrate emotional messages through it to touch the hearts of your potential customers.

8. Email Marketing

It is one of the most efficient in converting marketing channels. You can easily nurture your relationship with your customers by sending regular updates to your subscribers.

Digital brand marketing is an exciting and vast landscape. There are endless possibilities for your brand to gain fame with digital marketing. You can kick off your brand strategy by following this guide to digital marketing. You need to not only sell your wares but build a name that develops trust in your customers. Always keep things fresh, truthful, and authentic to stay in the market where everything is vast.

With the marketing strategies in hand, you can prosper your business within no time in the world of the online market. Your online presence can get to your customers with a bit of your effort put in the right way and correct manner. All you need to do is follow all the techniques and use them wherever you need. You don’t need to use them all, but only a few if used efficiently can make a big difference to your online presence.

However, if your business needs help with brand marketing, you can contact the top digital marketing services providers and get known in the world of the digital market. Loop of Words is one of the best digital marketing firms that comprises a team of digital marketers who will help in flourishing your business in an online world.

With the appropriate use of the tools of digital marketing, we make sure to provide you the services that bring awareness of your brand topped up with potential customers and conversions. Loop of words explores everything to ensure your brand campaigns checks all the boxes in the right manner.